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QB Mitch Trubisky appears on injury report

No big deal, just the Chicago Bears starting QB on the injury report with an issue with his throwing shoulder.

Today’s a big day at Halas Hall. Not just because it’s the Chicago Bears’ only practice between now and their Thanksgiving day matchup with the Detroit Lions, but because we will find out a lot more about Mitch Trubisky.

Because of the short week, the Bears had to submit an injury report to the NFL on Monday, ordinarily teams don’t have to do that until later in the week (Wednesday). What was quite surprising was to see the certain name on the injury list.

Mitch Trubisky.

What? Wait a minute. Mitch Trubisky? Mitch Trubisky!? MITCH TRUBISKY!?!?

So as the tweet from the Chicago Bears PR says, there wasn’t an actual practice on Monday, simply just a guess as to who might be dealing with an injury if there was one.

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The concussions to both Aaron Lynch and Adam Shaheen are not a surprise, but unfortunate because with the short week, you have to wonder if either is available, but the appearance of Mitch Trubisky is a shocker.

There is some speculation among Bears writers that the injury may have occurred when Harrison Smith hit Trubisky late, late in the fourth quarter. Smith landed on top of Trubisky and kind of pounced on his left shoulder, causing his right shoulder to be driven into the ground.

If that is when the injury occurred, click here to see Trubisky’s only throw after that play. It may have been due to the pressure and throwing off his back foot, but the result was not pretty.

It could just mean that Trubisky had a sore shoulder when he woke up Monday morning and the Bears felt it important to put him on the report because if they don’t and it gets worse, they could be looking at a punishment from the NFL. But it is also worth monitoring on a short week.

Trubisky and Matt Nagy are scheduled to meet with the media prior to their practice today (Tuesday). That will obviously be the question at the top of each press conference so Bears’ fans should have their answer shortly as to how Trubisky’s feeling and if his status is in doubt for Thursday.


Let’s not bury the lead, the GOAT of NFL information, Adam Schefter chimed in.

That’s a positive, however, some of the quotes out of Matt Nagy, weren’t nearly as positive. Also keep in mind, Mitch Trubisky was scheduled to speak but was pulled from the schedule due to his injury.

The next series of tweets is information provided with Matt Nagy:

These comments aren’t overly optimistic. They certainly aren’t ruling him out, but it doesn’t seem like much more than 50-50 (maybe 60-40) that Trubisky plays on Thursday.

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